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Without the faithful prayers and support of listeners like you, this ministry could not be what it is today, and would have no hope for improvement tomorrow. Although financial support is an important part of what keeps us going, we hope that you can also show your support in other ways that can be equally as important in keeping us on the air and on our toes, such as:

1. Contacting your favorite preachers via the mail or the internet, and letting them know that you enjoy their broadcasts on The Old Paths Radio Network

2. Telling each and every one of your friends, family members, co-workers, and acquaintances about our station, so that they can enjoy it just like you

3. Calling or writing in to us with all manner of advice and questions on why we do what we do, what you think we can improve on, what songs you would like to hear, and anything else that comes to mind4. And last, but certainly not least, we hope that you will always keep this radio ministry in your prayers, so that we can keep the focus on our Lord and Saviour, and do all that we do to bring glory and honor to Him. So, in closing, please always remember that your financial support is greatly needed and appreciated, but do also continue to support us in these other ways, so that both our staff and you as a listener can continue to be blessed by this wonderful ministry.

In Christ,

The Staff of The Old Paths Radio Network

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